Download the free assessment, discussion and planning tool

We have been working on a couple of easy-to-use tools that can help your discussions with clients flow smoothly from assessment through to session planning and monitoring progress. It’s derived from the new process work and the Process Based Assessment Tool (PBAT) created by Joseph Ciarrochi, Steve Hayes and Stefan Hofmann. I think you will find this super easy to

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ACT, DNA-V and process-based therapy: A practical orientation from Joseph Ciarrochi

You’ve probably heard a lot about process-based therapy. Today I wanted to provide a quick orientation to it, and then some follow-up readings. I hope that a process-based approach will help empower you to be a more flexible, creative, and effective practitioner.  Process-based therapy is not a replacement for other therapies.  It’s a shift in focus.  For example, you might do psychodynamic

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7 Steps for Helping School Refusal

With all of the changes that young people have faced in recent times, it is no wonder that returning to school can be stressful. Just consider, in this pandemic, how difficult it has been for adults to work from home, and then go back to work. We find a way to do it, but we need support during the stress.

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