Free 6 stunning posters: Helping you to help young people get unstuck and live well

I’m delighted to share this series of free posters developed by very talented professionals in the UK.

Natalie Roberts and Melissa McKimm have been using DNA-V as the frontline treatment for referrals to their child and adolescent mental health service for several years now (Hampshire CAMHS). They have shown great outcomes, reduced service needs, and shorter treatment times.

Lucky for us, these folks want to share the resources with the world too.

Beautifully illustrated by Erin Johns. They will look great on any therapy wall!! Or you could print them out as easy and practical guides for your sessions.

·      You can quickly access strategies to:

·      help young people with their emotions,

·      change stuck thoughts,

·      discover new actions,

·      connect with who they really are,

·      and build values and self-compassion.

Use these practical posters for young people and get access to process-based evidence today.

Download them here

Righto, I’m off to the printers to get these on my wall too!!

PS Heartfelt thanks to Melissa, Natalie and Erin ❤️


Louise Hayes, PhD