DNA-V is integrated into high school curricula in Germany via OpenEvo

In this update, we hear from Johannes ‘Johnny’ Freymann on his work in Germany. In their collaboration with OpenEvo, the DNA-V model is being integrated into school curricula, emphasizing the importance of situational, cultural, and interdisciplinary context. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only grasp the DNA-V model but also understand its relevance through connections to evolutionary anthropology, art, literature, and history. The digitized guide will soon be accessible via Moodle, with plans for testing, implementation, and wider promotion. This initiative will also be showcased at upcoming ACBS conferences in Buenos Aires and Zurich.

DNA-V meets OpenEvo:

My colleagues and I at Leipzig University in Germany are collaborating with OpenEvo.

OpenEvo is an educational innovation initiative of the Department of Comparative Cultural Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

Together, we are integrating the DNA-V model into school curricula to support students, along with broader evolutionary anthropology concepts. The aim is to help young students navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

Our current focus is developing a comprehensive DNA-V guide for teachers and students. This guide will not only explain the theory behind the DNA-V model but will also make clear connections to interdisciplinary perspectives in evolutionary science and other contemporary fields of knowledge that influence our understanding of DNA-V dynamics in mind and behaviour. In addition to scientific content, our guide incorporates elements of art, literature, and history, including stories, poems, and practical exercises designed to familiarize individuals with DNA-V processes and integrate them into daily life.

In the coming months, we aim to digitize the guide and make it accessible through a Moodle platform. Other next steps include testing and implementing the guide in school settings and promoting its adoption in various communities across Germany and beyond. We also plan to present our work at ACBS conferences, including the World Conference in Buenos Aires and the German-speaking ACBS Chapter Conference in Zurich.

Johannes ‘Johnny’ Freymann

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